Teacher Training

Teacher Training


Teaching Schools take an active role in the recruitment and selection of trainee teachers.

Sunningdale Teaching School and its Alliance partners create opportunities for post-graduates to train as teachers within our schools. This provision is delivered through School Direct and accredited by Northumbria University.

Our programmes are of particular interest to post-graduates who would like to develop expertise in working with children with special educational needs. We create opportunities for our trainees to gain the knowledge and skills they need to feel confident of their ability to create great educational experiences for children and become valued members of their school staff. The programmes have also created a progression route for existing graduate staff working within special needs schools to become fully qualified teachers. If you’re thinking about becoming a teacher there’s lots of use full information on the Department for Education website Get into Teaching

If you are interested in becoming a teacher within a special needs context or are a school looking to create teacher training opportunities and would like to find out more, please email Jane Shaw at

For information about our individual teacher training opportunities and how to apply for the academic year 2020-21 please visit the DfE find post graduate teacher training  website page


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